success stories from Our Past Adventures

2017 - Riga, Latvia

Our 2017 Summer Intensive and Teacher's Training returned to Riga, Latvia. There are many reasons that we appreciate this beautiful capital for a summer training site. Mikhail Baryshnikov was born and raised here. It is where his training began. It was thrilling to have Professor Irina Trofimova join us again. A Vaganova graduate and professor, she holds the distinction of having been trained to teach by Vaganova herself. Read more about our amazing friends, mentors and instructors.

2016 - New York, United States of America

Our 2016 Summer Intensive and Teacher's Training returned to New York City with some exciting additional features. We were honored to have Sir Cyril Atanasoff of the Paris Opera bring his perspective to our program for the first time. He will join us again for our trainings in Riga, Latvia in 2017. It was also a delight to include in our teaching staff our teacher of Pas de Deux from when we attended Vaganova Ballet Academy, Anatoly Sidorov.

We were all honored to work alongside the famous couple - Irina Kolpakova and Vladilen Semenov.

2015 - New York, United States of America

A unique aspect of our 2016 summer trainings was the beginning of our rehearsal for our own ballet "Cinderella" which included Misty Copeland from ABT participating in our program and working alongside our advanced students.

"With immense satisfaction and gratitude to our mentors, colleagues, students and their teachers and parents, we look back to our Summer Intensive 2015 in NYC! We thank each and every one of you who came to join us and who made this experience a truly unique one! As always, our goal was to broaden participants' personal and professional horizons and to plant seeds to help them grow into devoted patrons of the world's art and culture."
- Open World Dance Foundation Founder, Ekaterina Shchelkanova

Bringing our program to the United States, specifically New York City was a grand goal. We did it! We had a full program with 50 students and 15 teachers. Our three levels of students came from across the United States representing 17 states from Alaska to Florida and from ten countries. This makes the experience much broader than ballet training. Our dancers included our proteges - Tatiana Koltsova, a Russian orphan, and Edvin Jakonis, a talented young boy from Lithuania, who we began coaching at last year's summer intensive. It was incredible to see so many people and nationalities united by dance at our summer intensive.

The hard work of our instructors and students showed in an amazing showcase at Jerome Robbins Theater of the Baryshnikov Arts Center. The program began with a Class Concert in the tradition of the Vaganova Academy. It provided a unique view into the ballet world with students of different levels performing the appropriate combination for their ability at the same time. Dancing the ballet "Paquita" showed the quality of the training and its impact on our students and their ability to come together as a group in such a short period of time. At the end of the perfomance, all students united together in the character dance "Jota" enjoying the power, beauty and happiness dance brings to us.

2014 - Riga, Latvia

Students from seven countries attended two weeks of training in Riga, Latvia at the Riga Choreography School. Teachers included Ludmila Safronova, Elena Sherstneva, Anton Boytsov, Aleksandr Stepin and Lazaro Carreño. This beautiful city, the birthplace of foundation friend, Mikhail Baryshnikov was the perfect backdrop.

2013 - St. Petersburg, Russia

Training in St. Petersburg is a dream for many international dancers. Students from five countries trained at the studios of Leonid Yakobson's company with master teachers Ludmila Safronova, Irina Kolpakova, Vladilen Semenov, Elena Shertsneva, Olga Provennaya, and Lazaro Carreño.

2012 - Sochi, Russia

Our first summer program was held in Sochi on the shores of the black sea at the studios of the Winter Theater. Teachers included Irina Trofimova and Lazaro Carreño. Just following the intensive, Russia Orphan -Tatiana Koltsova was accepted to Vaganova Academy.