Cinderella Performance in Florida

Devon Teuscher and Cory Stearns, Principals of American Ballet Theatre, joined us and a cast of 150 dancers including 100 local children and youth for performances of our "Cinderella" on November 25 & 26, 2017. Pictures and highlights to come.

Like the premier in Houston in 2016, this production provided training opportunities for local children and youth, some with no prior dance experience. For others, including our Elite Training Program Participants, it provided the performance experience alongside principal dancers from American Ballet Theatre.

In the Words of our Dancers

"It is no overstatement to say that I am ceaselessly amazed each day at what Open World Dance Foundation has to offer. The Elite Training Program is a marvel in itself, providing the most immersive, effective, and valuable ballet training I have ever had. Ms. Ekaterina and Mr. Anton are uniquely determined to help their students understand and execute the Vaganova method, teaching with a level of love and care that is rare to find. Even the short months that I have spent working with them have brought me a new understanding of ballet while increasing my appreciation for all art forms. Hours of classes and rehearsals truly feel like minutes, and each day is a new endeavor for learning more.  

 One of the examples of what OWDF has done in making a profound impact on the dance world is their production of the ballet Cinderella. In this production, more than a 100 youth were given the opportunity to perform onstage with beautiful principal dancers from American Ballet Theatre, as well as the invaluable life lessons learned from being part of the rehearsal and preparation process. Speaking from personal experiences of the many wonderful things that art means to me, it was particularly moving to see so many kids get exposure to the arts. In this production, OWDF gave the community both spectacular entertainment and the gift of dance. Overall, it is an amazing blessing to be involved with such an impactful foundation, and I am excited to see what OWDF will do next!"

Lydia W. - OWDF Elite Training, San Francisco, CA


Open World Dance Foundation has provided me with what I have spent practically my whole life searching for. Training with both Ms. Ekaterina and Mr. Anton is a privilege and my growth as both a dancer and as a person is largely due to what I have learned from them. The training is intense, honest, and beautiful and I wouldn't trade anything for the time I've had in this Elite Program. The knowledge and tools I have learned will be something I carry with me throughout the remainder of my life as a dancer. I couldn't be more grateful to have found such incredible teachers who are so passionate about sharing their vast knowledge on this beautiful art form. Every day, working with them gives me the inspiration to try and be better than I was yesterday.

Open World Dance Foundation’s passion of sharing their love and knowledge of ballet has provided not only me, but many other young dancers and even children with rare opportunities that we will never forget. I was lucky enough to have been a part of their full length production of Cinderella in both 2016 in Houston, TX and 2017 in Fort Lauderdale, FL. To share the stage with stars of American Ballet Theatre and to perform a full length ballet on a historical stage was an absolutely incredible experience. For both productions local children were lucky enough to have also had this opportunity, their excitement was both priceless and contagious. At such a young age they have been given an unforgettable experience and were able to be a part of something extremely special. Being involved in a production that had such an impact on young people's lives as well as my own was wonderful and I hope to be involved in many more. I am so full of gratitude to be involved with Open World Dance Foundation and my utmost respect and support will always be behind them."

Megan K. - OWDF Elite Training, San Diego, CA

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